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Customized live video and chat communications designed to creatively enhance your every need.

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What We Do

We take pride in shaping how people receive live-streaming video content.

VS Media is an interactive live video and chat platform that delivers customized web communications and media services. We provide the infrastructure, services, resources and support you need to generate the best results for your business. We take pride in creating an exceptional experience for your audience, and shaping the way people receive live-streaming content and online communications.

Modern Technology

Leverage our technology to grow your business.

From software development, to live streaming video and chat, VS Media has the integrated tools and modern technology to provide the best digital experience possible. Instantly go live sharing broadcasts and chat in real-time, with the peace of mind that your privacy and security are taken care of.


We take the highest measures to guard and protect your privacy and security. We’ll never stop improving protocols to optimize user experience and safeguard your content.

Global Content Delivery
Haptics & Interactive
Web Development
Broadcast Support
Gamification Development
Fraud Mitigation
Data Analysis
Software Development

Global Scale

Spanning the globe.

Spanning the globe with over 200 million visitors per month and 80 million ads per day, we provide a platform for people to discover new kinds of interactive content through live video and chat services. Our size and scale stretches across every continent, delivering powerful technology to enhance your online presence.



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Customer Service & Support

We’re here to help.

VS Media provides professional one-on-one support anytime you need. No machines or automated systems. We give world-class customer service, troubleshooting, broadcast and technical support 24/7, 365 days a year. Have questions about our products and services? We can help with that too!


Join our team!

As one of the fastest-growing companies in the industry, VS Media is redefining live media through continued innovation and creative solutions. Our mission is to inspire creativity and empower each and every person on our team.

What’s it like to work for us? Well, you’ll be working alongside passionate people that push limits and inspire new ideas each day. We’re a learning organization with a growth mindset, looking for talented people to become a part of our team. If you’re excited about creating a meaningful online experience for millions of people, let us know!

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About Us

Over twenty as an industry leader in live- web communications!

Founded in 1996, VS Media has been an industry leader in live interactive web communications for over twenty years. We developed a streaming platform that provides online video and chat services that deliver customized web communications to millions of users all of over the globe.

The core business of our company has matured since its early days, but the vision and desire to produce the best live video and chat solutions has never wavered. From streaming live video to billing solutions to gamification development, we leverage the latest technology to provide the best digital experience possible.

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